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Try iCatcher Console free for 21 Days!
Buy iCatcher Console from 139.95
Device Control & Home Automation with iCatcher Console

iCatcher Console has the ability to control X10 Home Automation products and I/O ports attached to certain devices, such as the Axis Q7404 network video server. By using simple interface equipment such as X10 controllers, ADAM IO blocks or a relay board iCatcher Console can be used to turn on almost any electrical equipment.

We have set up a simple system which you can control to demonstrate the integration of iCatcher Console and control devices. Our setup consists of iCatcher Console, an Axis Q7404 network video server, a Velleman Relay Board Kit, and some simple appliances. Read more about how we set the system up.

By using the control buttons below, you can switch these devices on and off directly. The buttons send commands to iCatcher Console, which turns the appropriate I/O port on the Video Server on or off, controlling one of four relays connected to the mains connection on an appliance.

Camera Feed
Light 1
Light 2

The Live View on the left is from one of our office cameras, and allows you to see the effects of using the switches above.

This functionality has been placed on this page using the iCatcher HTTP API, which is described fully in the iCatcher Console HTTP API SDK.