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Try iCatcher Console free for 21 Days!
Buy iCatcher Console from 139.95
iCatcher Console works with Windows Vista

iCatcher Console is designed with a high degree of compatibilty in mind, both towards operating environment and use of CCTV hardware. Its is a 32-bit application designed for the Windows platform, supporting Windows XP and later, including their variants (e.g. XP Media Center Edition, Server 2003, etc) and the latest Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems.

iCatcher Console uses established standards for interfacing and image format to capture live images. Almost any network camera or video server that provides a live JPEG image file, or a live MotionJPEG video stream can be used with iCatcher Console, even if it is not listed in the manufacturer/model lists when adding a camera.

The latest version of iCatcher Console supports the reception of H.264 video data from cameras that support RTSP as a video delivery method. H.264 over RTSP is rapidly becoming a standard for network cameras to deliver high performace high frame rate video, especially for megapixel cameras. Alongside the H.264 video Console can receive audio in industry standard G.711 μLaw format. By simultaneously utilising a low frame rate low resolution MotionJPEG stream for motion detection, the software provides motion and event triggered recordings of full frame rate video at high resolution.

Traditional composite video cameras are also supported either via network video servers, or by the more conventional capture card route. iCatcher Console uses the Microsoft WDM Video Capture standard for receiving images from video capture cards. This includes a large number of DVR and "TV" cards.*

The same capture system allows iCatcher Console to make use of any device that provides a WDM-compliant driver, including simple USB webcams. This means that many people may already have camera hardware ready to use with iCatcher Console as part of a professional CCTV system.

Compatibility is extended to the remote access features of the web interface. iCatcher Console does not use ActiveX controls that limit use to one platform or web browser, but instead uses the widely available and cross-platform Java system that is compatible with Mac and Linux browsers, including the popular Mozilla Firefox browser.

iCatcher provides remote access via its web server in accordance with an open API that allows any application to make use of the data available. iCatcher Smart Client uses this for the iDomain functionality to provide remote live view, playback, device control and PTZ movement. Remote H.264 live and playback viewing (for feeds recorded using H.264) allows high frame rate video to be viewed at multiple locations with ease.

* Not all DVR cards are compatible as some are supplied with proprietary drivers that can not be recognised by iCatcher or any other capture applications (except that supplied with the cards). Most of these DVR cards can be used by installing a generic driver, however please check compatibility with the trial version (see below) to ensure your card can be used with iCatcher.

You can try out iCatcher Console free for 21 days by registering for a free trial.

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