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Try iCatcher Console free for 21 Days!
Buy iCatcher Console from 139.95

iPEG (iCatcher Priority Encoded Grouping) is a streaming video protocol that has been in development for over 2 years, and is unique to the iCatcher CCTV system. It is a protocol optimised for the delivery of streaming video from CCTV applications over speed-limited connections such as broadband.

The design goal was to deliver video to remote iCatcher viewers at double the speed that was possible with earlier versions of iCatcher, and we are pleased to say this goal has been surpassed.


How does iPEG work ?

iPEG uses an encoder that is part of the built-in web server of iCatcher. The encoder analyses the video requested, and only sends out those parts of the image that need to be updated at the web view. The Java applet decodes the iPEG data and restores the video. Because smaller amounts of data are transmitted, less bandwidth is used resulting in a higher frame rate and smoother display update.

Will there be further improvements ?

The first release of iPEG is very much the beginning and implements only Part 1 of the full IPEG specification. This release will be included with iCatcher Console and is a big step forwards, but there will be a new releases of iPEG up to Part 5, which is already in development.

iCatcher with iPEG