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Try iCatcher Console free for 21 Days!
Buy iCatcher Console from 139.95
iCatcher Console works with Windows Vista

The iCatcher range of products forms a complete modular system to suit a wide variety of applications. By using the various products together or in stand-alone form, you can create an iCatcher system for any surveillance situation, from a simple home webcam to a full multi-camera CCTV system.

The sections below detail the implementation of iCatcher in a number of applications, and should help you to determine the best iCatcher solution for your requirements.

General Applications Specific Applications

We also supply a wide variety of cameras, capture equipment and accessories via our online CCTV Shop, where you can also purchase the iCatcher Software and extra value bundles that including the iCatcher software together with cameras and equipment for a discounted price.

If you have a specific requirement and are unsure how iCatcher can help you, please do contact us, and we will be happy to recommend a software and/or hardware solution to suit your needs.

You can try out iCatcher Console free for 21 days by registering for a free trial.

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