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iCatcher Possibilities

iCatcher can be used as a simple webcam or as a full CCTV system. See how iCatcher can help you.

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Many thousands of people around the world use the iCatcher software to put their cameras online.

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i-Catcher Wildlife captures fantastic scenes from nature. Have a look at some of the best.

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Find out about suitable equipment for use with iCatcher, from cameras to lighting, and more.

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We have an online shop where you can buy video and capture hardware, as well as iCatcher bundles at discounted price.


iCatcher News

27th July 2015: iCatcher Console 6.1 Released

Version 6.1 of our iCatcher Console is now available with in camera motion detection, expanded iDomain functionality, admin notifications, and many more new features.

25th October 2012: New Warehouse Case Study Online

The client is a leading third party logistics company based near London, with further offices and depots across the country.

16th October 2012: iCatcher Console 5.3 Released

Version 5.3 of our iCatcher Console is now available with full Paxton Net2 integration, screen recording, H.264 overlys and heartbeat recording, and many more new features.

28th September 2012: iCatcher Go for Android is released

The iCatcher Go application is now available for Android devices which allows for fast and easy remote viewing on the go.

23rd August 2012: New Arms Manufacturer Case Study Online

An arms manufacturer has previously relied on anonymity for their security, and now uses the iCatcher CCTV system.

7th June 2012: i-Catcher Console 5.2 Released

Version 5.2 of our i-Catcher Console is now available with a set of new features including H.264 iDomain access, improved zoom and snapshot functions and more.

23rd May 2012: Free Certified iCatcher Training for iCatcher Partners

iCode Systems Ltd, UK based developer of the award winning iCatcher Console NVR platform, are pleased to offer free training to all approved iCatcher installers, integrators and resellers.

20th May 2012: iCode and AMG-Panogenics in Strategic Technology Partnership

iCode integrates 5 Megapixel PanoCam360 with their iCatcher Digital CCTV system for security, surveillance and remote monitoring applications.

17th May 2012: New iCatcher & Axis Case Study SPI Lasers online

Manufacturers need a safe and secure environment for their staff, and SPI Lasers, a designer and manufacturer of optical fiber-based lasers required a video surveillance system that could deliver real-time footage of its entire site.

10th May 2012: New iCatcher & Case Study online

National UK charity, The Hawk and Owl Trust, is dedicated to conserving owls and other birds of prey in the wild. When a pair of breeding Peregrine Falcons was spotted flying around Norwich Cathedral, the Trust asked the authorities if they could erect a nesting platform to record live footage of the birds.

17th October 2011: i-Catcher Console 5.1 Released

Version 5.1 of our i-Catcher Console is now available with a set of new features including H.264 hardware acceleration, support for more automation devices, synchronized playback for H.264 cameras, automation via iDomain and automation permissions.

20th April 2011: i-Catcher Console 5.0 Released

Version 5.0 of our i-Catcher Console is now available with a set of new features including H.264 camera support, new events system, audio recording with H.264 cameras, I/O Automation Scheduler, and integration with the Genie Sphinx Access Control system.

24th September 2010: i-Catcher Sentry & Wildlife 3.0 Released

Version 3.0 of our single camera CCTV and webcam software package is now available. Many of the components have been brought up to date with numerous bug fixes from i-Catcher Console now included. New features for this version include ICE motion detection with tripwires and intelligent masking, iPEG web view streaming, support for the iPhone applications i-Catcher Go & Pro, and a huge update of the supported cameras.

2nd June 2010: i-Catcher Console 4.1 Released

i-Catcher Console version 4.1 is released with even more features and enhancements including iPEG Web Playback, Axis H.264 full-frame rate recording with analytics, twitter alerts, PTZ prioritisation and more.

1st February 2010: New website look

As part of our ongoing work to improve the appearance and ease of use of our website, we have introduced a new menu bar to the i-Catcher site. The new menu incorporates drop-down menus that appear when you move over the headings, giving instant access to more areas of the website. Please contact us if you encounter any difficulties with the new system.

18th January 2010: i-Catcher Pro for iPhone & iPod Touch released

iCode Systems have released i-Catcher Pro, a lightweight application for the Apple iPhone™ and iPod™ Touch devices that builds on the existing i-Catcher Go software, and extends functionality to support PTZ cameras, automation control & playback.

4th November 2009: i-Catcher Console 4.0 Released

i-Catcher Console version 4.0 is released with a range of enhancements and new features to make i-Catcher Console the most flexible and complete CCTV package ever. Single file storage reduces hard disk load and drops archiving time down to a matter of seconds. Automation support now includes X10 and the ADAM controllers. RS485 PTZ devices can now be controlled from the serial port, and even more cameras have been added to the supported devices list.

27th July 2009: i-Catcher Go for iPhone &iPod Touch released

iCode Systems have released i-Catcher Go for the Apple iPhone™ and iPod™ Touch. i-Catcher Go offers a cheap mobile solution for remote viewing of CCTV cameras.

15th December 2008: i-Catcher Console 3.3 Released

Version 3.3 of our full-featured flexible multi-camera CCTV surveillance, motion detection, alerting and analytics system has been released. New features include the iPEG Video Stream Compression for live views, the iPhone web interface, and additional camera support.

24th July 2008: i-Catcher Console 3.2 Released

Version 3.2 of the award-winning full-featured multi-camera CCTV surveillance, motion detection, alerting and analytics package. New features include support for MPEG4 from Axis and Etrovison cameras and much improved SMS (text message) alerting system.

24th May 2008: Website style changed

As part of our ongoing efforts to make the i-Catcher website as easy to use as possible, we have made a small change to the style to limit the width of all pages. This will ensure that information is readable on everyone's screen regardless of resolution.

1st May 2008: New CCTV Shop Launched

Our i-Catcher CCTV Shop has been re-launched with a new and vastly improved shop system with a whole host of features and fresh site design. We have also expanded our product range and will be adding more products, bundles and options in the very near future.

18th October 2007: i-Catcher Console 3.1 Released

The latest version of the highly flexible and scaleable i-Catcher Console CCTV software has been released, with improved support for both local devices and netork video sources. i-Catcher Console can now make use of multi-input capture cards based on the BT878 chip (including a large number of "DVR" cards). i-Catcher Console also features a new advanced motion detection system, and a evidence CD creator amongst many other new functions.

30th March 2007: i-Catcher Console at Sculthorpe Moor

i-Catcher Console is now in use by the Hawk & Owl Trust at the Sculthorpe Moor Nature Reserve. A single i-Catcher Console system is responsible for monitoring both fixed and moveable (Pan, Tilt & Zoom) cameras spread over a wide area, highlighting i-Catcher scaleability.

25th October 2006: i-Catcher Console 3.0 Released

The latest version of the award-winning full-featured i-Catcher Console CCTV package has been released and is now available for download. Users of a version 1 or 2 of i-Catcher Console can upgrade (upgrade charges may apply) and you can also upgrade your single-camera i-Catcher Sentry or Wildlife license to i-Catcher Console 3.0. Take a look at the i-Catcher Console product page to see the new features, purchase, or upgrade.

1st September 2006: Rose Bowl i-Catcher System in the news

The Hampshire Rose Bowl is the home crickt ground of the Hampshire County Cricket Team, as well as providing a venue for entertainment and conference events. Their facilities underwent a process of expansion in 2006, which included the installation of a 19-camera i-Catcher CCTV System. The installation attracted the attention of the local press, who reported on the system and The Rose Bowl's compliance with anti-corruption rules.

6th January 2006: i-Catcher Sentry/Wildlife 2.3 Released

The latest version 2.3 of the full-featured single-camera surveillance and recording software has been released. This latest version offers improved performance, enhanced local playback, faster remote live and playback views, and support for more Network/IP devices including Pan/Tilt/Zoom support.

8th December 2005: i-Catcher Console 2.3 Released

The latest version 2.3 of the full-featured multi-camera CCTV and surveillance software has been released. This latest version offers improved feed resizing, with flexible zoom and full-screen support. Also included are improvements to local playback, and enhanced live and playback views. Also features improved support for IP/Network cameras, including capture and PTZ support for Panasonic cameras.

19th September 2005: PC Magazine reviews i-Catcher Sentry

PC Magazine has done a very positive review of the single-camera i-Catcher Sentry, focusing on using the software for digital CCTV surveillance, particularly noting the ease of use and flexibility features.

2nd August 2005: i-Catcher Console Version 2.2 Released

i-Catcher Console 2.2 is now available for download. This version provides new features such as Motion JPEG streaming live view and playback, indexed playback for faster video review, and support for more network cameras and PTZ devices.

2nd August 2004: i-Catcher Sentry/Wildlife Version 2.2 Released

i-Catcher Sentry 2.2 is now available. Version 2.2 of the popular webcam and CCTV software offers Motion JPEG streaming live views, indexed playback for faster video review, and support for more network cameras.

19th November 2004: i-Catcher Console Version 2.1 Released

i-Catcher Console 2.1 has been released. Version 2.1 improves support for local capture devices by utilising the Microsoft WDM/DirectShow capture system. Network camera performance has been improved with the ability to capture from Motion JPEG streams. Capture capability has been improved with pre- and post-event recording.

19th November 2004: i-Catcher Sentry/Wildlife Version 2.1 Released

i-Catcher Sentry 2.1 has been released. Version 2.1 improves support for local capture devices by utilising the Microsoft WDM/DirectShow capture system. Network camera performance has been improved with the ability to capture from Motion JPEG streams. Capture capability has been improved with pre- and post-event recording.

28th June 2004: i-Catcher Sentry and Wildlife Version 2 Released

New releases of the i-Catcher product range. We are proud to announce the release of Version 2 of i-Catcher Sentry and Wildlife. Building upon the award winning applications, the latest versions include a number of new features such as the popular web playback facility, new web interface, additional security features make it easier to ensure nobody tampers with your CCTV system along with other additions.

11th June 2004: i-Catcher Console Version 2 Released

We are pleased to announce that the new version of i-Catcher Console has been released. With additional features: The Gallery with integrated web site creation tool, enhanced web interface, windows messaging alerts, additional security features, new schedule System along with a number of other extra features.

20th April 2004: i-Catcher Awards

Our range of products have been given great respect within the computer and internet community, with our key range of software being given a number of awards.

21st November 2003: i-Catcher records fire

On Wednesday, 15th October, an i-Catcher Console system running in the premises of Fareham Snooker Club recorded a fire that broke out in the early hours of the morning. We have recovered the footage and made the nine minutes span of still images available as an MPEG video. The footage recorded has helped determined the cause of the fire.

1st October 2003: New version of i-Catcher Console Launched

The new version of i-Catcher Console (our multi-camera product) is now available. Version 1.3 incorporates many bug fixes, and also includes some new features, the most notable of which is remote playback via a web browser. i-Catcher Console footage can now be reviewed from anywhere with a web browser and internet access.

This version also includes improvements to local playback, and many other i-Catcher features.

29th September 2003: i-Catcher in the News

On Monday, 29th September, the Daily Echo featured an article concerning a break-in in the nearby town of Fareham. The article included particularly clear CCTV images, which were later found to have been captured using the i-Catcher Digital CCTV System. The article is reproduced here and demonstrates practical effectiveness of i-Catcher in recording the movements of anything in the camera's field of view.

4th July 2003: i-Catcher Video Server Released

i-Catcher Video Server is our latest product in the i-Catcher range, designed specifically for providing access to all inputs of selected video capture cards, thus enabling more video inputs per machine.

4th July 2003: i-Catcher CCTV Shop opened

We have started an online shop featuring a large variety of CCTV and Video monitoring and recording solutions. From the shop you can buy i-Catcher Software, Video Capture hardware, cameras (both USB and conventional analogue), specialist hardware such as Video Servers, and accessories to make connecting your video hardware together. The shop also features specially discounted bundles that give you full out-of-the-box video solutions at reduced price, giving you a simple way to start a video surveillance setup, or extend an existing system.

30th June 2003: New Web Site uploaded

The new web site was finally uploaded today, sorry for the delay to all those who have been waiting for it. The main addition, apart from a changed look and feel, is the new CCTV shop, enabling you to buy complete , discounted i-Catcher Solutions.