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iCatcher Digital CCTV Software

Single Camera Implementation

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i-Catcher Sentry Single Camera Digital CCTV Software

The simplest installation of iCatcher is that of the single i-Catcher Sentry application, running in stand alone mode. iCatcher comes in three variants, Sentry, Wildlife, and Console. While essentially the same software, the two are provided with different profiles, which are set up with specific uses in mind.

This software, coupled to a camera, completes the stand alone single camera system. Such an installation is capable of operating in a number of different modes and these are now further explained.

Motion Detection

In the motion detection mode the system constantly looks for motion, outside of any masked areas. A feed and motion window can be displayed if required. Should motion be detected in the images then the application can alert you in numerous ways, from a simple audio alert to uploading a web page of the detected motion. Alerting via SMS is also available by launching a third party application. Playback of stored images is simple using the built-in viewer. This mode of operation is also suitable for retail installations where the counter/cash desk areas are not permanently manned. Using iCatcher Smart Client, any detected motion can pop up on a designated computer anywhere on your network.

Web Camera Mode

Many people wish to add live images to their web site. In order to serve this role the iCatcher software has a web camera mode of operation. After selecting this mode and entering the relevant FTP details, to upload images to your ISP, the software will continuously upload the latest image to your web site. By referencing this image in your web site code you will have a web camera.

Time Lapse Mode

In time lapse mode the software takes a snapshot at predetermined intervals. This is especially useful for scientific or statistical work. After selecting this mode and entering the relevant FTP details, to upload images to your ISP, the software will record images at the configured time interval and continue to do so until stopped by the operator or scheduler. These time lapse images can be viewed using the standard playback functions.

With applications as configurable as the iCatcher family, switching between modes can be quite a fiddle as there are so many possible options. In order to alleviate this problem the iCatcher software is capable of operating an unlimited number of profiles. By setting up different profiles for various personalities of the software, switching between webcam mode and motion mode is simply a case of changing profiles. The switching of profiles can even be scheduled, enabling different modes of operation at different times of day.