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Captured Videos

iCatcher has recorded some interesting events in recent years. Take a look at what iCatcher is capable of with the simplest of hardware.

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iCatcher Systems have also captured some fascinating still images during at operation. Take a look at the motion detection system at work.

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iCatcher is widely used as a wildlife photography system. Take a look at the amazing pictures iCatcher has already recorded.

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We have an online shop where you can buy video and capture hardware, as well as iCatcher bundles at discounted price.

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Find out about suitable equipment for use with iCatcher, from cameras to lighting, and more.


iCatcher Live Images

See iCatcher running live on the web

Live iCatcher Systems

iCatcher is installed around the world enabling people to enjoy the benefits of 24 hour digital internet surveillance. Click on one of the following links to eavesdrop on a live iCatcher System.

The systems presented here are running on the sites of some of our customers and the iCatcher software developers. They are all online via a standard broadband internet connection, and require no additional software to view online. All that is needed is a web browser.

It may be an advantage to install the Java plug-in from While Java is not essential for viewing the iCatcher system, it will improve the performance of the system by utilising Motion JPEG streaming.

As these systems are online via standard broadband connections, they may not be available when you choose to view them. If you receive "Connection refused" or "Time out" errors, then please try again later.

Live iCatcher Systems - submitted by visitors

Many people around the world are using iCatcher for a variety of different purposes. Below is a list of websites using iCatcher that have been sent to us by our website visitors.

  • MyForestHome

    Kenneth Benn operates a comprehensive bird-watching system based around iCatcher. Take a look at his website focusing on bird boxes.

    view site
  • Bigg Online

    Malcolm & Elizabeth Bigg have been running a bird watching site for many years and incorporate iCatcher live feeds on a yearly basis.

    view site
  • WildlifeKate

    Kate's 'patch' includes her garden and the surrounding area in a semi-rural Staffordshire. Over the last four, she has installed a variety of cameras in nest boxes, on feeders, in mammal boxes and even in a field that adjoins her garden.

    view site

If you have your own web cam link or have seen a great site then please send us the link.

Click here if you are having problems viewing the live feeds.