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iCatcher Digital CCTV Software

Multiple Camera Implementation

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iCatcher Digital CCTV Software

Most multiple camera installations using iCatcher technology utilise the iCatcher Console application. Image information is generated primarily by feeds running as seperate processes on the iCatcher Machine, or i-Catcher Sentry clients running on other machines connected to the Console via the local area network.

In order to connect multiple analogue cameras to a single CCTV system, iCatcher Console works directly with the Euresys range of multiple-input video capture cards, including the Junior 4, Picolo Pro 2 and Picolo Alert cards. Using this technology a single PC can record from up to 32 analogue cameras connected directly, or more if additional PCI slots are available.

iCatcher Console's feed limit is much higher. With its ability to handle network video sources such as IP cameras and video servers and remote Sentry/Wildlife clients, Console can, subject to system specification, handle up to 255 video feeds.