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Baby - Nursery Security Implementation - CCTV Monitoring

We are often asked if our products can be used for monitoring baby in either a nursery or bedroom environment. The best way to implement such a system is to use a wireless camera to transmit from the bedroom to the PC.

If you wish to monitor baby in dark conditions then it makes sense to have an Infra red camera system, which comprises of a black and white camera and infra red LED illumination.

If the system is being installed in a nursery environment then a hard wired solution is preferable. A busy nursery/kindergarten could install a copy of iCatcher Console to allow parents access to view their children at any time of day or night via the internet. Access to this could be restricted to parents by means of a password. By using the iCatcher Console software, additional cameras could be added to the system as and when they were required.

The young lady pictured on the right is Charlotte McClure, who has been instrumental in field testing iCatcher for baby monitoring.

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