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Learn how to set up and use iCatcher's features to their full potential.

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Find out about suitable equipment for use with iCatcher, from cameras to lighting, and more.

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CCTV Resources

Important and useful information for installing CCTV systems

While a home CCTV camera or webcam is a straightforward process with little to no pitfalls, installing a complete multi-camera or multi-site system provides additional concerns and challenges. The information below will ensure your installation is not only optimized to provide the best operation possible, but also addresses any concerns on the day-to-operation and utilization of the iCatcher system and your CCTV cameras.

Added 25/10/2012

iCatcher CCTV Case study: Major Freight Forwarder

The client is a leading third party logistics company based near London, with further offices and depots across the country.

Added 23/08/2012

iCatcher CCTV Case study: Arms Manufacturer

An arms manufacturer has previously relied on anonymity for their security, and now uses the iCatcher CCTV system.

Added 07/07/2011

iCatcher CCTV Case study: Norwich Cathedral Peregrine Falcons

The Hawk and Owl Trust was tasked with recording nesting Peregrine Falcons on Norwich Cathedral.

Added 16/03/2011

iCatcher CCTV Case study: SPI Lasers

SPI Lasers is a high security company specialising in lasers for micro-machining.

Added 25/06/2010

iCatcher CCTV Case study: Domino's Pizza

Domino's Pizza uses iCatcher in over 250 of their stores across the UK.

Added 19/05/2010

iCatcher CCTV Case study: Pets PlayHouse

Pets Playhouse integrates CCTV into their website to allow clients to watch their pets while on holiday.

Added 08/02/2010

iCatcher CCTV Case study: Hawk & Owl Trust

The Hawk & Owl Trust uses iCatcher Console at Sculthorpe Moor for wildlife monitoring and showcasing.

Added 9/07/2008

Using Infra-Red Day/Night Cameras

A guide to setting focus and position of infra-red camera for the best quality image in all conditions.

Added 2/07/2008

Installing a new Digital CCTV System

Axis's guide will show you the best way to begin a new Digital IP-based CCTV System.

Added 2/07/2008

Advantages of Progressive Scan over Interlaced Scan

See how a progressive scan IP camera can improve image quality over an interlaced image.

Added 2/07/2008

Migrating from Analogue to Digital CCTV

Axis's guide will help you determine what changes need to be made and the best way to implement them.

Added 2/07/2008

CCTV Code of Practice

Covering the operation of CCTV systems to ensure compliance with government legislation on CCTV use.

Added 2/07/2008

RayTec CCTV Illumination Guide

RayTec's infra-red lighting guide will ensure clear night images over long distances for your system.

Added 19/09/2007

Server Requirements Calculator

Our Server Requirements Calculator will determine what you need to ensure the best performance.

Added 19/07/2007

Comparison of different lens sizes

Practical demonstration of how lens size affects image zoom.

Added 19/07/2007

IP (Ingress Protection) Ratings Explained

Explanation of IP ratings for weather- and waterproof CCTV cameras.

Added 19/07/2007

Optimising your CCTV System

There are a few things that can be adjusted on a Windows PC to improve CCTV performance.

Added 18/09/2006

iCatcher CCTV Case study: The Rose Bowl

The Rose Bowl completed a program of expansion in 2006 with an upgrade of their CCTV system.

Added 18/09/2006

iCatcher CCTV Case study: Total Logistics

Total Logistics are a distribution company that use iCatcher Console as a CCTV Security system.

Added 18/09/2006

iCatcher CCTV Case study: Series 4

Series 4 are a supplier of machine components, and utilise iCatcher Console for their CCTV.