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iCatcher HD allows high-speed low-bandwidth viewing of multiple iCatcher feeds simultaneously on your Apple™ iPad.

iCatcher HD can either connect to your iCatcher CCTV software, or directly to your camera. When used with iCatcher Console, iCatcher HD allows movement of PTZ cameras, jumping to PTZ presets, device automation control from the camera menu and access to playback. iCatcher HD allows also allows control of automation devices while viewing multiple live feeds and while viewing playback.

iCatcher HD can make use of high bandwidth connections to stream high quality H.264 video, giving you the high possible quality. In lower bandwidth situations, iCatcher HD can make use of iCode's high speed, low bandwidth streaming protocol, iPEG, allowing you to switch between the two as needed, even whilst viewing. iCatcher HD can stream using H.264, iPEG or MJPEG from iCatcher Console, and can also connect directly to a wide range of cameras, including models from Axis, Sony, Vivotek and Panasonic, using H264 or MJPEG depending on the camera.

iCatcher HD allows control of PTZ (Pan, Tilt and Zoom) cameras using standard iPad drag and zoom gestures, as well as single tap jumping to presets and control of automation devices.

Application Features:

  • Live viewing from iCatcher and a wide range of IP cameras
  • Playback viewing from iCatcher
  • High Resolution feed viewing
  • Automation device control and sensor readings
  • PTZ Presets
  • PTZ movement using standard iPad gestures
  • Image capture from live and playback to camera roll
  • MultiView shows up to 4 feeds simultaneously from iCatcher
  • Free updates

To see a list of supported cameras click here.

Please note that iCatcher HD requires iCatcher Console 4.0 build 40 or later.


You can try out iCatcher Console free for 21 days by registering for a free trial.

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