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Learn how to set up and use iCatcher's features to their full potential.

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This calculator allows you to determine the minimum specification requirements for a server to run the iCatcher Console CCTV System. We also have more general Minimum System Requirements for the iCatcher software.

By entering your camera details below, our calculator will determine the minimum requirements for your iCatcher CCTV server.


Number of
Camera type Resolution Frame/
data rate

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Retention period days
Cameras visible on server screen
Average number of remote viewers of feeds

Recommended system

Please enter the appropriate values into the fields above, and then click "Calculate".

Estimations will then be given as to the required CPU speed, RAM size, Hard disk capacity and internet bandwidth required to achieve the system you require. In some cases you may need to split the load between servers in order to maintain an acceptable monitoring and recording rate.

The recommended framerate for CCTV cameras is 5 frames per second, and the recommended image retention time is 21 days.

Total frame rate: XXXfps
Memory: XXXMB
Data rate: XXX.Ykbps (XXX.YkBps)
Storage: XXX.YMB/day
CPU: XXX "units"

Remote streams: XXX
Bandwidth: XXX.Ykbps (XXX.YkBps)

Note that the data rate and remote bandwidth are both displayed in bits per second, normally used for specifying network link speeds. The bytes per second value is also shown for convenience.

Final recommendations

For best performance with multiple H.264 or megapixel cameras, a graphics card supporting DXVA 2.0 hardware video acceleration, such as the nVidia GeForce 9 or Quadro NVS295 or higher is required.