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Captured Videos & Images

iCatcher has recorded some interesting events in recent years. Take a look at what iCatcher is capable of with the simplest of hardware.

read more... Wildlife picture gallery

iCatcher is widely used as a wildlife photography system. Take a look at the amazing pictures iCatcher has already recorded.

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We have an online shop where you can buy video and capture hardware, as well as iCatcher bundles at discounted price.

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Find out about suitable equipment for use with iCatcher, from cameras to lighting, and more.

Cameras - Systems - Accessories - The i-Catcher CCTV Shop offering greated prices and technical support

Customer Live Feed Submission

Live iCatcher Systems from our customers

If you are running any of the iCatcher software range or you have come across a great web cam/live feed site then feel free to send us a link and information about it, and we will add it to our list allowing other people to check it out. There may be a delay between submission of a link and when it appears on this page, due to the vetting procedures that have to be carried out to make sure it is suitable.

Link Suggestions

When sending your live iCatcher feed link, please provide the name of your site or feed, some information about what its monitoring, and the IP address of the system on the internet. If your system is only accessible part-time, please provide the time at which it is available.

Please Note: Addresses beginning 192.168., 10., 172.16. through to 172.31. and 127. are not valid web addresses. The first three are "private network" addresses, and are not accessible outside of your network. 127 is the "loopback" address, and always points to the machine being used at the time. If you use a router for your internet connection, you will need port forwarding set up appropriately. You will need to know your internet IP address, which can be obtained from Please see the "getting online" howto in the Support section for further information.

Only links to iCatcher-related sites will be accepted.

We regret that due to abuse by online spammers, the link submission form is no longer available. Please contact us to submit your site link instead.