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Implementing iCatcher

Learn how to implement an iCatcher system, from single camera residential to multi-camera - multi-site.

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iCatcher Console

Purchase online with instant access

Screenshot of iCatcher Console - Professional Digital CCTV from iCode Systems

iCatcher Console is priced by the number of cameras it will be used with. Please see the main iCatcher Console purchase page for further details on license pricing.

Fill in your name and email details. You must supply a valid email address as registration keys are only sent by email, and are not provided through the iCatcher web pages. The "Cameras" should be filled in with the number of cameras you will be using iCatcher Console with. When completed, the final cost including all camera licenses will be presented before you are redirected to our payments handler site to complete the online payment process.

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Important: By completing and submitting this form you agree that this sale is final, i.e. you have evaluated the product(s) and found them to be suitable. Since you will receive an activation key it is not possible to return the software. If you are not yet sure of your purchase, do not fill this form, and Evaluate the software first.

The remaining fields are optional, however we recommend providing at least a telephone number in case we are unable to send your purchased registration key to you by email.

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Your registration details will be emailed shortly after completing this form. Please note that circumstances beyond our control (e.g. extended power failures) may prevent our automated systems from sending your registration details immediately. Please wait at least 12 hours before contacting us to request your registration details.

On completing this form you will be redirected to the file download area where you can download and install the iCatcher Console software. When you start iCatcher Console, select "Enter Registration Key" from the splash screen, enter your registration name and the Key in the boxes provided and then click 'Continue' to complete your purchase.