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iCatcher Help

Learn how to set up and use iCatcher's features to their full potential.

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Configuring a feed

Once the feed is configured and running, you will see it appears in the 'Feeds' section of the main Console bar. Right-clicking over this feed will bring up a menu that allows you to configure the various settings for the selected feed

Show Feed

The Show Feed option controls whether the feed is shown on screen

Bring to Top

Bring to top will bring the selected feed to the top of the screen, ensuring it is not hidden by other windows


The Playback option will bring up a playback window enabling you to review the images recorded for this camera

Motion map

Selecting Motion Map will bring up a window containing an image that represents the frequency of motion in each part of the image. Blue represents little motion, and red is large amounts of motion. Over a period of time, this feature will enable you to see where in the image most movement occurs


Selecting Settings from the feed menu will bring up a dialog box that enables you to configure the settings for that feed.

If you have any profiles configured, these will be listed in a panel on the left hand side of the window. If there are no extra profiles, you can show the panel by clicking "Profiles" in the bottom left corner.

The different tabs allow you to configure the following

Feed information
Motion Detection
Web Access


Masks allow you to mark areas of the image not to be analysed by motion detection. This enables you to mask out areas that are not of interest, or areas of continuous motion that you wish to ignore.


The Alert settings control how iCatcher Console alerts you when motion has occurred on a camera. iCatcher Console can alert you via SMS, Email, Audio or by uploads to a web site.


The Device dialog enables you the change and configure the settings used to capture images for the current feed.

Stop / Start

These options will stop or start the feed.


Rename allows you to change the name of the feed


Delete removes the current feed along with its configuration. Please note that this will not delete the recorded images associated with the feed.