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iCatcher Console Change Log

For Version 5.3

Build 27 - 29/01/2015

  • Updated the Java applet with a new certificate
  • Updated the LightwaveRF I/O driver to work with the new firmware's registration process
  • Various stability and performance improvements with RTSP and motion JPEG image sources
  • Fixed the pre event buffer being saved even when configured not to save motion
  • Correctly handled commas inside quoted value in the CSV files in the graph viewer
  • Fixed heartbeat images triggering the RTSP pre and post event buffers being saved
  • Added support for the newer firmware Aviosys IP9258 devices
  • Fixed a crash when entering duplicate entries into the IP black list

Build 26 - 22/10/2013

  • Code signed the web view Java applet to remove the security warnings
    Note that this causes errors on Java versions prior to 1.7 update 45. The solution is to install the latest Java update
  • Fixed single stepping in RTSP synchronised playback not working
  • Fixed seeking to a time in SFS playback ending up at the wrong point when pre event recording is enabled
  • Fixed various issues with SFS synchronised playback not stepping backwards, not stopping at midnight, and seeking to the same time again after going to a frame
  • Added a hash to the settings file to check it hasn't been changed outside of Console

Build 24 - 31/07/2013

  • Fixed various H.264 decoding problems in web playback and image export
  • Improved logging and error handling and reporting around the H.264 video requests
  • Honoured the PTZ priority queue with local and remote joystick control
  • Fixes PTZ move and preset requests going to the wrong location or being ignored
  • Fixed AAC audio support in the RTSP image source
  • Ensured async video sources have connected before passing direct HTTP streams through
  • Delayed the rendering of H.264 frames until required while AVI sequencing for alert export
  • Removed an unnecessary bitmap decode in the SFS during alert image export
  • Updated the RTSP image source to connect the recording stream before reporting success
  • Automatically calculated a suitable PTZ zoom step value for Axis cameras
  • Fixed tripwires counting objects that go around them
  • Failed to start an RTSP source when an analytic URL has not been set
  • Added the Axis P1355, P1355-E, P1357, P1357-E, M5013-V, and M5014-V and the Foscam FI8910, corrected the resolutions for the Axis P5534 and P5534-E, and removed the multistream options from the Axis M7001

Build 21 - 03/05/2013

  • Fixed various causes for memory corruption in the RTSP image source with AAC audio
  • Fixed some text settings having extra spaces and new lines stripped from the value
  • Updated the resolutions for some Axis cameras, added the Axis M3007-P overview stream, the Sony SNC-EP521, and Vivotek IP8152 and updated the vivotek notes
  • Fixed a crash on some machines that use a slighter larger text size

Build 20 - 11/03/2013

  • Correctly prompted to install .NET 2.0 on Windows 8
  • Sanitised the Simple PTZ driver URLs to add the preceding /
  • Fixed a crash when trying to use the stream selection menu after the feed has disconnected
  • Fixed a memory leak when requesting lots of iPeg videa stream in Smart Client
  • Added Windows 8 to the recognised Windows versions in the server report
  • Reinstated the Masks settings tab for Sentry feeds
  • Fixed H.264 iDomain feeds stopping rendering after 35 minutes
  • Sorted the images as they are loaded in the classic file playback
  • Used specific defined formats for dates and times where needed and localised formats for display
  • Fixed a crash when trying to edit the settings of a Velleman I/O device after its COM port has been removed
  • Fixed alerts for feeds using an alternative history location not being sent
  • Updated the metadata reader to be more resilient to data errors
  • Fixed post event recording not working when pre event recording is enabled in the RTSP image source
  • Fixed a crash when adding multiple masks, pressing refresh and trying to move the previously selected mask
  • Updated the list of Axis cameras, added the D-Link DCS-2210, IPSmart IPS-922V and Y-Cam Bullet HD 1080

Build 17 - 17/01/2013

  • Stopped lower priority PTZ commands when under continuous control
  • Fixing a crash when sending web view login admin alerts
  • Fixed Twitter authentication in iCatcher Alert
  • Added the Canon VB-M40, D-Link DCS-2210, various Dahua cameras and Swann SW111-WIP to the feed wizard

Build 15 - 16/10/2012 - Initial release

  • Enabled heartbeat recording for the RTSP image source
  • Instantly updated the I/O device values in overlays when they change
  • Added support for the Paxton Net2 access control system
  • Added actions that can be triggered on the received event descriptions
  • Added Twitter OAuth support to iCatcher Alert
  • Added a screen capture VidCap source
  • Added an option to the load layout action to bring the windows to the top
  • Displayed tripwire crosses on the playback timeline
  • Added support for the Morningstar Tristar MPPT charge controller
  • Added overlays to the H.264 video preview streams