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i-Catcher Console Change Log

For Version 5.1

Build 34 - 23/01/2012

  • Fixed AVI generation from the Genie sources
  • Used individual host processes for each ImageCap object

Build 33 - 13/01/2012

  • Stopped playback past the end markers in the multistream sources
  • Fixed the start time for synchronised playback with an RTSP master source
  • Fixed H.264 prefix data being written before the chunk header in RTSP AVI generation

Build 31 - 12/01/2012

  • Fixed AVIs created from RTSP streams without an audio stream
  • Added buffering to the display of iDomain H.264 streams
  • Used stream 2 for the Y-Cam Bullet HD analytic stream
  • Fixed the hardware acceleration option not taking effect immediately
  • Improved handling of corrupt data files in the RTSP image source

Build 30 - 01/12/2011

  • Change RTSP playback to show all motion by default (the dropdown still shows motion only)
  • Fixed backwards playing and stepping of H.264 data
  • Fixed a potential "missed block" recording bug in the RTSP image source
  • Stopped the "New plan" menu item being visible in Smart Client
  • Fixed the RTSP playback showing no video for video files that are larger than 2GB

Build 29 - 17/11/2011

  • Fixed new RTSP feeds not recording any motion until a restart
  • Various RTSP DXVA rendering fixes
  • Added the last image time to the HUD for batch feeds
  • Improved the stability and error handling of the batch feed processing
  • Added support for boolean PTZ driver options
  • Fixed missing I/O device permission strings

Build 28 - 10/11/2011

  • Added the ACTi ACM-8511 and KCM series cameras, the D-Link DCS-930/930L, Ingrasys iMege G1102E camera and changed some Vivotek models back to using stream 3 for analytics
  • Fixed the preset cycling carrying on even when a feed is stopped

Build 27 - 17/10/2011

  • Internal Build

Build 26 - 14/10/2011

  • Used 16:9 ratio resolution for the widescreen 1280x800 Axis cameras
  • Corrected Pelco Sarix RTSP urls
  • Forced a redraw of the LED when the window is redrawn (fixes missing motion LED)

Build 25 - 07/10/2011

  • Fixed the PTZ Home position for an iDomain camera not working correctly

Build 24 - 07/10/2011

  • Internal build

Build 23 - 06/10/2011

  • Added I/O automation permissions
  • Added a global semaphore to stop multiple instances of Console running in different user sessions.
  • Fixed clicking on the timeline not working in FireFox 7
  • Added remembering of selected video stream during restart and layout change
  • Fixed an I/P frame identification bug in H.264/RTSP handling
  • Fixed audio not being recorded with pre-/post-event recording periods

Build 22 - 23/09/2011

  • Fix for feed name encoding for XML output (Fixes feed names in iOS Apps)
  • Added an action to load a saved layout

Build 21 - 20/09/2011

  • Added an option to specify an interval between images in an email alert
  • Fixed a long delay enumerating VISS devices
  • Fixed zooming problems in playback
  • Added Sanyo PTZ support
  • Added DXVA rendering support for H.264 visual streams
  • Fixed new tripwire counters not appearing in the feed tree until one of the values changes

Build 20 - 09/09/2011

  • Internal build

Build 19 - 05/09/2011

  • Fixed a tight loop (excessive CPU usage) in the web server when it receives an incomplete HTTP request

Build 18 - 01/09/2011

  • Fixed an RTSP image source memory leak
  • Fixed decoder process shutdown bug
  • Fixed RTSP streams being fixed to TCP port 554

Build 17 - 25/08/2011

  • Added integrity checking for Single File Storage feeds
  • Fixed RTSP feeds attempting to start a visual stream when no visual stream is available and subsequently reporting an error.
  • Added a call to set a wider dynamic port range during setup. This fixes problems cause by the system running out of local ports for single-JPEG HTTP connections.

Build 16 - 11/08/2011

  • Fixed the Aviosys PDU driver stopping communication when the device doesn't reply
  • Added dimming option to X10 ActiveHome devices
  • Fixed duplicate motion indexes being record by MotionJPEG MultiStream

Build 15 - 10/08/2011

  • Displayed settings windows on the current monitor
  • Set the default playback window position to be an offset from the feed window

Build 14 - 03/08/2011

  • Fixed various errors starting Console in unusual DPI modes
  • Fixed renaming of I/O devices from the tree appending the device state
  • Requested iDomain feeds at the display size when connecting

Build 13 - 28/07/2011

  • Added synchronised playback support for H.264 sources
  • Fixed a crash when logging out or locking the console after adding an admin user
  • Added RF command support for X10
  • Added the ability to rearrange synchronised playback feeds by drag and drop
  • Fixed the Axis MPEG source leaking memory and not recording

Build 12 - 21/07/2011

  • Fixed a short timeout on the iPEG image source
  • Removed 'Please Wait' from the web interface (JavaScript mode) when there are no feeds to show.
  • Added individual edge margins for ICE motion detection

Build 11 - 15/07/2011

  • Added support for streamin RS232 sensors

Build 10 - 14/07/2011

  • Maximum playback speed increased to 250x real time
  • Fixed a shared memory bug when memory was not being unmapped correctly
  • I/O Scheduler updated to handle PTZ requests
  • Fixed an event handle leak for WDM capture sources
  • Various minor RTSP fixes

Build 9 - 30/06/2011

  • Stopped exported videos larger than 2GB being downloaded remotely
  • Fixed the archive crashing if there are over 32,000 pending alerts
  • Added a warning message when displaying a playback date with no data
  • Fixes for 'no images' state in web playback

Build 8 - 28/06/2011

  • Added a menu item under a remote console to access the evidence CD creator
  • Added PTZ support for Etrovision EV1150 series
  • Changed the I/O device value and counter graph viewer to a new version

Build 7 - 24/06/2011

  • Added motion maps to the tree view
  • Fixed PTZ motion tracking for multistream sources
  • H.264 rendering changed from DirectShow to DirectDraw
  • Added support for sharing recording stream with rendering
  • Fixes for users/permissions in the I/O scheduler
  • Removed some unnecessary disk flushes from single file storage

Build 6 - 14/06/2011

  • Added ICE pre-smoothing option
  • Fixed text overlays being cut off at 255 characters
  • Added optional contact details to users
  • Added ICE direction tracking option
  • Added the server report to the web interface
  • Fixed "Motion Only" option in playback being inverted
  • Fixed a handle leak in the RTSP source
  • Fixed the I/O scheduler not working when the web server is not on port 80
  • Fixed the width of the date picker in playback
  • Fixed the frame rate being reported as 0 for Genie cameras

Build 5 - 01/06/2011

  • Fixed a crash when closing a maximised logging window
  • Fixed a crash when showing the feed window when the source dialog is open
  • Fixed for the Motion JPEG source to prevent unloading while threads are still running
  • Moved decoding of initial frames to obtain recording stream resolution in a separate process.

Build 4 - 27/05/2011

  • Added .NET 2.0 SP2 check to the installer
  • Fixed PTZ capabilities being lost if the node has lost contact for more than 250ms
  • Fixed inverted trip wires (e.g. top end is below bottom end) not detecting crossings
  • Fixed potential connection failure crash in Motion JPEG image sources
  • Tripwire counter values now preserved over restart

Build 3 - 19/05/2011

  • Fixed automation devices being incorrect on reconnection
  • Fixed native zoom button for shrunken iDomain feeds
  • Added recording of I/O power usage

Build 2 - 13/05/2011

  • Fixed AVI generation quality slider being inverted
  • AVI generation codec is now remembered
  • Handle leak in RTSP image source caused by failed analytic stream fixed
  • Fixed loop play not showing any new images
  • Fixes for handle/memory leaks on RTSP shutdown/disconnection
  • Fixed playback toolbar not being hidden in wireframe mode
  • HTTP and iPEG image source error reporting improvements

Build 1 - 11/05/2011

  • Added Velleman Relay board support