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i-Catcher Console Change Log

For Version 5.0

This is the log of changes for the current version of i-Catcher Console. "Internal Build" refers to builds comprising a collection of changes, but where development was not to a point where an upload was considered necessary, or where more changes were required to produce a stable build. Internal builds also include OEM-specific changes. Builds may also include internal fixes/procedural changes that are not shown here. Items in bold refer to major changes or new features.

Build 35 - 13/06/2011

  • Fixed a handle leak and indexes in the wrong file in the RTSP source
  • Fixed various timing issues in RTSP playback
  • Fixed the motion only option in playback being inverted
  • Reported errors in web playback to the i-Catcher Console log
  • Added a workaround for a handle leak on OleDlg.dll when repeatedly reconnecting to a Genie source
  • Fixed decoding of RTSP streams in web playback
  • Fixed the tree and web interface trying to enumerate the values of a disconnected I/O device
  • Moved the initial decoding of H.264 frames into another process and delayed recording until valid values were received
  • Added additional locking to the MJPG ImageSource to ensure threads are dead before it's unloaded
  • Stopped the Node restarting when closed with the URL window open
  • Fixed an error when the Console takes a long time to startup and a PTZ move is performed
  • Fixed a crash when showing the feed window when the source dialog is open
  • Fixed a crash when closing the maximised logging window

Build 31 - 24/05/2011

  • Updated installer to check for .NET 2.0 SP2 (required for some components)
  • Fixed tripwires where position 1 is greater than position 2 (upside down or flipped) not detecting crossing objects
  • Fixed possible crash in Motion JPEG image source on reconnection
  • Fixed libavcodec pre-decode crash where P frames were attempted to decode before I frames (on some bugged cameras)
  • Added fix for immediate flush-to-disk to fix playback sessions where recordings are not immediately available

Build 30 - 19/05/2011

  • Fixed I/O device values not being set correctly after reconnecting
  • Minor error/logging fixes

Build 29 - 13/05/2011

  • Handled any video capture errors when setting the source state as capture failures
  • Various RTSP shutdown and disconnection fixes
  • Fixed the playback toolbar not being hidden in wireframe mode
  • Fixed HTTP image sources not connecting
  • Improved error reporting for the HTTP and iPeg image sources

Build 28 - 12/05/2011

  • Fixed the AVI generation quality slider being inverted
  • Remembered the AVI generation codec between calls
  • Fixed a handle leak in the RTSP source and a crash when an HTTP analytic stream fails
  • Fixed SFS loop play not showing any new images

Build 27 - 11/05/2011

  • Added the frame index mechanism back into web playback
  • Added AVI generation to the classic file playback
  • Added the list of available dates to classic file playback
  • Added the new Etrovision cameras, the Yoko RYK-IP3400E camera, and corrected the Panasonic iPro RTSP protocol and description
  • Forced the client settings to be loaded when getting the source URL for playback

Build 26 - 06/05/2011

  • Removed a message box when replacing the master playback object in synchronised playback
  • Fixed various playback problems with batch and sentry feeds
  • Added support for auto arrange layouts larger than 6x6

Build 25 - 04/05/2011

  • Fixed web playback for Axis MPEG feeds not playing forwards
  • Tidied up the ImgSource playback seek function
  • Fixed continuous errors when loading web playback for batch feeds

Build 24 - 03/05/2011

  • Removed the debug logging of web playback requests
  • Forced a full frame to be sent when requesting the native image on a web playback stream
  • Corrected the default web playback stream quality to 25
  • Added a plain motion JPEG stream in web playback

Build 23 - 29/04/2011

  • Used AJAX to update the web playback info page
  • Moved all playback into an external executable
  • Detected the type of video to play in the stills browser
  • Updated web playback to use the new OoP playback
  • Removed the old rebuild indexes code
  • Added a new single window synchronised playback

Build 22 - 28/04/2011

  • Fixed an error getting the framerate when there is a stream error in the RTSP source
  • Fixed some more async HTTP request problems in the Sony driver
  • Enabled the overlay settings for sources that are capable of drawing overlays
  • Added an API to create and close web playback sessions
  • Corrected some of the content types used in the web server
  • Added multistream motion JPEG URLs for the Panasonic BL-C111, Bl-C131, BL-C230, and the Y-Cam Bullet
  • Added metadata to all images exported from image sources by the evidence CD creator
  • Changed the Etrovision EV6552 to use the original Etrovision protocol

Build 21 - 20/04/2011

  • Fix for alerting where last image was being omitted from the alert sequence

Build 20 - 14/04/2011

  • Internal Build

Build 19 - 13/04/2011

  • PTZ Driver for Panasonic WV-SC385 and Toshiba IK-WB16A added
  • HTTP API now supports returning playback timeline in JPEG format

Build 18 - 01/04/2011

  • Java Applet updated to resolve security issues introduced by Oracle in new JVM
  • Exported AVIs now include audio from H.264 feeds that have recorded audio for the time span
  • Y-Cam Bullet added to feed wizard

Build 17 - 25/03/2011

  • Added Click & Drag to control PTZ cameras
  • Added feed enable/disable to the feed tree

Build 16 - 15/03/2011

  • Fix for a crash in the feed wizard when adding local devices

Build 15 - 10/03/2011

  • D-Link DCS-5230 and DCS-6511, Mobotix M22 series, and Toshiba IK-WB16A added to feed wizard
  • Etrovision RTSP/H.264 Range added to feed wizard

Build 14 - 03/03/2011

  • Axis and Pelco RS485 cameras now use continuous zoom
  • PTZ Feeds now change mouse cursor to cross icon

Build 13 - 23/02/2011

  • Fix for multi-camera web view
  • MotionJPEG MultiStream Support added
  • Single File Storage "Tracker" component now obsoleted by cross-process mechanism (used by playback to ensure latest recordings are written to disk)

Build 12 - 11/02/2011

  • MultiStream URLs added to server report
  • Added A-Linking ALC-9272, Airlink 101 SkyIPCam 747W, and Sony SNC-DH120 cameras to the feed wizard
  • Pelco Sarix RTSP added to the feed wizard

Build 11 - 03/02/2011

  • FFDShow added to the setup for H.264 video rendering

Build 10 - 18/01/2011

  • RTSP-over-UDP and RTSP-over-HTTP support added
  • Fix relating to playback windows being opened for disconnected feeds
  • Fix for the web view not showing PTZ preset referenece images for MultiStream sourcs
  • Fixed minimum feed window width
  • Axis H.264 cameras changed to use RTSP source in the feed wizard
  • Support for Genie Sphinx Access Control system added

Build 9 - 13/12/2010

  • Fix for startup stall relating to iDomain
  • MultiStream sources now disconnect/hide visual stream when feed window is hidden
  • Added automation device state reset after time interval
  • Added Airlink SkyIPCam AICN500/500W, Arecont Vision 3105DN, Foscam FI8905W, Sharx SCNC3606 and Vivotek IP8361 to the feed wizard
  • Added support for the Euresys Ux H.264 Capture Cards
  • Tree view changed to use sensor category images for automation devices
  • Archive settings added to server report
  • Fixed pre-event recorded images playback too fast
  • I/O devices on remote consoles added to tree view

Build 8 - 03/11/2010

  • Genie playback changed to use RTSP source
  • Fix for unsual characters in feed names
  • Cancel option added to evidence CD creatore
  • Add support for exporting evidence CDs from remote consoles
  • Fix for web view stream handling
  • Fix for LogIT Sensor Settings crash
  • Fix for PTZ joystick support to handle joysticks with poor stability on idle
  • Joystick support added to PTZ HTTP API
  • iDomain Fixes

Build 7 - 30/09/2010

  • Allowed access to the PTZ OSD for the Genie driver
  • Added current sensor values to the tree display
  • robots.txt added to the webserver to prevent indexing
  • Pelco PTZ fixes
  • Axis PTZ fixes
  • "In-Place" Zooming added to playback (digital zoom without window size change)
  • RTSP Video Source support added

Build 6 - 22/09/2010

  • Fixed a crash when adding a CM11 device
  • Added support for OSD menus and extra commands on Pelco PTZ cameras
  • Included playback windows in auto-arrange

Build 5 - 20/09/2010

  • Added a framerate slider to the motion detection settings
  • Added I/O Scheduler
  • Fixed resetting counters for disabled tripwires causing an error

Build 4 - 14/09/2010

  • Fixed web view login failure logging
  • Added Panasonic BL-C230 and Vivotek IP8332 to the feed wizard
  • Fixes for PTZ control priority
  • Fix for Pelco PTZ driver panning past ±180° position
  • Added Bosch PTZ support
  • Added Bosch VG4 Autodome 500i series to the feed wizard
  • Default clump persist age for ICE motion detection changed to 3000ms
  • Added PTZ Configuration option to feed wizard
  • Added device options for some devices to the feed wizard
  • Added PTZ click support to the simple web view
  • Added support for Aviosys PDU units

Build 3 - 13/08/2010

  • Added ActiveHome X10 support
  • Fixes for certain feeds being in the wrong state when the video settings window is open
  • Fixed a crash opening the video settings window
  • Fixed log window position saving between shutdown/startup
  • Fixed handling of NTSC sources on ActiveSilicon capture cards
  • Lock bug in iPEG image source (iDomain) fixed

Build 2 - 30/07/2010

  • Added "Entire Day" option to Evidence CD creator
  • Fixed a crash in Evidence CD creator when no feed or date is selected
  • Fixes for controlling Genie cameras via iDomain
  • Fixes for synchronised playback
  • Fixes for Axis MultiStream AVI Dump
  • Added a fix to cancel AVI generation if the originating playback window is closed
  • Fixed Axis MultiStream sources not playing forwards in web playback
  • Long shutdown delay in web server fixed
  • Added Genie NMP130 and NV400 to feed wizard
  • Microsoft® .NET 2.0 added to setup
  • Fix for ICE motion detection
  • Web playback time jump resolution upgraded to seconds
  • Added a check that the received image can be decoded
  • Fixed trying to set audio options on feed sources that do not support audio
  • Clump settings representation diagram changed in ICE settings
  • Added Cisco PVC300, Genie NV120, Panasonic BB-HCM735 and Vivotek PZ7121 to the feed wizard

Build 1 - 16/06/2010

  • Internal Build