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i-Catcher Console Change Log

For Version 4.1

This is the log of changes for the current version of i-Catcher Console. "Internal Build" refers to builds comprising a collection of changes, but where development was not to a point where an upload was considered necessary, or where more changes were required to produce a stable build. Internal builds also include OEM-specific changes. Builds may also include internal fixes/procedural changes that are not shown here. Items in bold refer to major changes or new features.

Build 22 - 02/06/2010

  • Fixes for 500 Internal Server error when controlling PTZ on non-existent feed
  • Added D-Link DCS-2121 support
  • New Axis cameras added
  • Help files updated

Build 21 - 28/05/2010

  • Fix relating to trip wires with Axis H.264 analytics

Build 20 - 27/05/2010

  • File extension for web view header images fixed
  • Quality slider on AVI generation compression dialog fixed

Build 19 - 26/05/2010

  • Fixed web view PTZ gradient bars
  • Fix for multi-camera web view slot code (fixes some cameras not updating)

Build 18 - 24/05/2010

  • Setup adjusted to include updated ComCtl32.ocx to provide compatibility with Windows 7 (See Microsoft Knowledge Base article KB896559)

Build 17 - 21/05/2010

  • Internal build

Build 16 - 20/05/2010

  • Internal build

Build 15 - 19/05/2010

  • Record on motion added to Axis H.264 recording support

Build 14 - 14/05/2010

  • PTZ Support for Panasonic BL-C210 added
  • Fixed scheduled feeds with "Allow live feeds when stopped" enabled disconnecting
  • Added Android™ and Blackberry™ client detection and redirection to /mobile

Build 13 - 05/05/2010

  • Internal build

Build 12 - 27/04/2010

  • Internal build

Build 11 - 26/04/2010

  • Fixed Genie image source incorrectly recording to C: root

Build 10 - 23/04/2010

  • Added Aviosys PDU automation support

Build 9 - 21/04/2010

  • Fixes for iPEG handling in the Java applet
  • Web view graphics updated to version 4.1

Build 8 - 20/04/2010

  • Foscam FI8908W, Gadspot GS1200G and Pelco Sarix IXE20DN camera support added
  • PTZ support for Panasonic BB-HCM735 added

Build 7 - 16/04/2010

  • "Populating" image now sent as first frame on all web playback sessions

Build 6 - 14/04/2010

  • Internal build

Build 5 - 13/04/2010

  • H.264 no-motion gap skipping option added
  • Default PTZ settings change to return home after motion tracking

Build 4 - 08/04/2010

  • Single file recording files are now closed when the feed or Console is stopped
  • Minor changes to the appearance of the logging window
  • Password in the network source URL window is now hidden/masked
  • Added twitter alerts

Build 3 - 19/03/2010

  • Added preview image when hovering over a feed in the plan view
  • Added mouse wheel PTZ zoom support
  • Fixed network feed source window crashing on blank URLs
  • Added synchronised playback to feed groups
  • Added sensor descriptions to the server report
  • Changed playback speeds to be factors of real time
  • Fixed an error when creating alerts with 0 images attached
  • Added a warning when attempting to use Single File Recording with archive-move
  • Added iPEG web playback
  • Added a permission to allow non-admin users to change layouts
  • Added the current frame time to the playback window title bar
  • Camera support added:
    • Aviosys IP Kamer 9070
    • D-Link DC-9100
    • Sony SNC-RH164
    • All previously unlisted Axis cameras (new models)
  • Changed the millisecond component of the image frame time to use real time rather than a counted offset for single file recording
  • Added 6x6 feed layout to auto-arrange
  • Fixed some items in the system tray menu not be disabled correctly when the Console is locked
  • Splash screens updated
  • MultiStream support added
  • New video capture controller module added

Build 2 - 18/12/2009

  • Added a preview button to the feed "Live URL" setting
  • Added settings export capability
  • Added settings import capability

Build 1 - 16/12/2009

  • "i-Catcher Security" removed from the From headers of outgoing email alerts
  • Added Axis MPEG4/H.264 Stream-to-disk support
  • Added Axis MPEG Pack version checking and old version reporting
  • Fix for timeline handling in playback for Genie feeds
  • Various fixes for V2 feed sources reading each others files incorrectly
  • Registration keys with a blank registration name are now rejected completely
  • Fix for feeds pausing while communicating counter data with Console
  • End of images fix for iDomain playback
  • Icon set updated
  • Fix for motion map data being accessed from the web view
  • Reduced the web view motion map loading frequency
  • Added PTZ command queueing and priority system
  • Added coloured border to feeds with motion
  • Fixed a Java authentication issue with web playback