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i-Catcher Console Change Log

For Version 4.0

This is the log of changes for the current version of i-Catcher Console. "Internal Build" refers to builds comprising a collection of changes, but where development was not to a point where an upload was considered necessary, or where more changes were required to produce a stable build. Internal builds also include OEM-specific changes. Builds may also include internal fixes/procedural changes that are not shown here. Items in bold refer to major changes or new features.

Build 29 - 24/09/2009

  • Fixes for Genie camera support

Build 28 - 23/09/2009

  • Internal Build

Build 27 - 22/09/2009

  • Default codec changed from Indeo 3.2 to Cinepak

Build 26 - 17/09/2009

  • Internal Build

Build 25 - 16/09/2009

  • Set new feeds to use "single file" storage

Build 24 - 15/09/2009

  • Added support for direct stream-to-disk feeds

Build 23 - 08/09/2009

  • Added iDomain
  • Added mobile device tracking

Build 22 - 28/08/2009

  • Added "Single File" storage mechanism
  • Added the option to limit concurrent live view sessions
  • Fixes for joystick support
  • Fixes for plan view motion highlighting
  • Added sensor CSV file logging

Build 21 - 24/07/2009

  • Fixed a web server problem that would cause it to refuse connections after experiencing heavy load
  • Fix to prevent full screen windows from being mispositioned on restart

Build 20 - 16/07/2009

  • Added support for ACTi camera I/O

Build 19 - 13/07/2009

  • Fix for invalid data from the MxPEG decoder

Build 18 - 10/07/2009

  • Added support for Genie camera I/O & PTZ

Build 17 - 29/06/2009

  • Added a node startup option

Build 16 - 21/06/2009

  • Added tracking and logging of web view sessions
  • Fixes relating to adding a camera group

Build 15 - 02/06/2009

  • Fixes for maintaining aspect ratio on images served through the web view
  • Added support for RS485/Pelco PTZ
  • Added support for the AxxessID PDU
  • Various fixes regarding PTZ settings
  • Fixes for the iPEG encoder relatiing to resolutions not divisible by the block size

Build 14 - 07/05/2009

  • Internal Build

Build 13 - 06/05/2009

  • Fixes for the IP blacklist

Build 12 - 06/05/2009

  • Fix for a Genie camera source memory leak
  • Motion map added to the web interface
  • Added individually configurable storage folders for each feed
  • Fix for a resource leak in the ICE processing DLL

Build 11 - 30/04/2009

  • Added support for the CM11 X10 controller
  • Motion map added to the web interface
  • Added individually configurable storage folders for each feed
  • Fix for a resource leak in the ICE processing DLL

Build 10 - 07/04/2009

  • Added Show All/Hide All to the camera groups
  • Added support for the LogIT data recorders

Build 9 - 02/04/2009

  • Added a redirect in the web view for Mac web browsers
  • Improvment to the PTZ movement image in the web view

Build 8 - 16/03/2009

  • Minor adjustment to the playback timeline to prevent low activity appearing as no activity
  • Fix for a feed change javascript error in the web view
  • System summary report added to support window
  • Added feed/sensor relations
  • Added related sensors to a scrollable panel in the web view

Build 7 - 25/02/2009

  • Added support for actions triggered by tripwire crossing
  • Added web view redirect for iPhone and iPod Touch

Build 6 - 19/02/2009

  • Added reference images for PTZ preset positions
  • Fix for aspect ratio setting in the Euresys drivers
  • Fix for problem regarding preset buttons when no presets are defined
  • Password entry in the feed wizard is now masked
  • Web view preset list is now a scrollable panel instead of a drop-down list

Build 5 - 06/02/2009

  • Tripwires can now show trip counts
  • Improvements to I/O error reporting
  • Added actions that can be triggered by feed motion
  • Added a current trigger level overlay macro

Build 4 - 27/01/2009

  • Export of AVI file for the evidence CD creator now an option rather than forced
  • Added management data export function
  • Fix for the AxxessID sensor driver when no devices are available

Build 3 - 19/01/2009

  • i-Catcher Alert settings converted to XML format
  • Fix for static content handling in the web server

Build 2 - 07/01/2009

  • Fixes for handle leaks in the web server if there is an error receiving data
  • iPEG and MxPEG stream source handlers added

Build 1 - 02/01/2009

  • Fix for playback window leaking resources after being closed.
  • Added warnings filter to the logging window
  • Fixes for web interface character encodings