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i-Catcher Console Change Log

For Version 3.2

This is the log of changes for the current version of i-Catcher Console. "Internal Build" refers to builds comprising a collection of changes, but where development was not to a point where an upload was considered necessary, or where more changes were required to produce a stable build. Internal builds also include OEM-specific changes. Builds may also include internal fixes/procedural changes that are not shown here.

Build 23 - 30/07/2008

• Fixed scheduled feeds starting ignoring the schedule on startup
• Fixed the simple mode motion detection being over sensitive to noise
• Added aworkaround for Axis MPEG streams slowing down and never recovering
• Removed the debug logging from the MPEG video sources
• Added support for the Axis Q7401 video servers, Mobotix D12 series, Planet ICA-108, Sony SNC-RX570N/P, and the Y-Cam White and Black cameras
• Added PTZ support for the Elmo PTC-402C and Sony SNC-570N/P

Build 20 - 21/07/2008

• Fixed unclickable button background on web view pages

Build 19 - 09/07/2008

• Changed HTTP error code for invalid parameters to 422
• Added support for Derwent/Extreme CCTV EX85, JVC VN-25U, and Vilar VS-IPC1002 cameras
• Java applet updated to handle dynamic DNS with Sun JVM 1.6u5 and 1.6u6 in Mozilla Firefox

Build 18 - 24/06/2008

• Fixed problem in closing URL prompt window by close icon rather than cancel button (caused loss of feed URL setting)
• Fixed Ctrl+S hotkey stopping Console when locked
• Added 10-minute wait before reprompting on low-disk space archive
• Added check for valid RS232 port selection in sensor settings
• Fixed macro handling for remote administration pages
• Feed IDS encoding fix for mobile view (previous encoding caused problems for some mobiles)
• Added support for D-Link DVS-104 Video Server, Laser NT-IPC360, Pixord P423 and TRENDnet TV-IP321W

Build 17 - 13/06/2008

• PTZ Controls and settings now disabled when locking Console
• Stopped feed windows being closed when Console is locked
• Fixed FTP Upload alerts duplicating images for overlapping alerts
• Fix feed tree colouring when Console locked
• Added 240x180 option to the mobile view size options
• Default web playback speed is now fastest without double-stepping
• Default web view quality is now 25
• RSS feed list now available at feedlist.rss
• HTTP Header fix for header graphics
• LCD Display now uses colour-gradiated motion graph • Fix for settings pages when click blank areas of lists

Build 16 - 29/05/2008

• Support for Camdeor R3020HQ IP, Edimax IC-1500, Panasonic WV-NS202 and WV-NP420 cameras
• Fix for log filter in the logging window
• Fix for Picolo Card startup - affects recently reconfigured feeds
• SMS alerts now go via iCode Systems SMS service
• Added acknowledgement of correct registration key entry
• Fixes for memory management and potential buffer overflow problems in web server
• Fixes for motion detection on feeds of resolution less than 320x240

Build 15 - 01/05/2008

• Fix for unavailable RS232 sensors
• Help files updated

Build 14 - 03/04/2008

• Added support for Axis MPEG4 feeds
• Fixed resizing the feed window to a very small sizes
• Used the playback image size for window resizing rather than feed current size
• Fix for tripwire counter values over 32,768
• Added support for Etrovision feeds (MJPEG and MPEG4)
• Added support for Planet ICA-107, ICA-151, ICA-530, Stardot NetCam SC, Sumvision ANC-600V/G and the Y-Cam Black/White/Knight cameras

Build 13 - 17/03/2008

• Fixes for some MotionJPEG streams with malformed headers
• Fixes for the user permissions configuration when no feeds are configured
• Added supprot for Elro C800IP, Link Server CAS-390 and Panasonic BB-HCM580
• Valid port checking for configuring sensors

Build 12 - 07/03/2008

• Fixes for stopped or scheduled stopped feeds no appearing in the web view when configured to do so
• Added support for Windows XP "Burn these files" feature from the Evidence CD Creator
• Added support for Camdeor cameras with new firmware
• Added support for Elmo PTC-402C, Panasonic WV-NS202A, and Veo Observer XT
• Fixes for WDM device initialisation
• Performance enhancements for ICE motion detection

Build 11 - 28/02/2008

• Fixed a problem in ICE motion map generation

Build 10 - 25/02/2008

• Internal build

Build 9 - 18/02/2008

• Hotkeys added for zooming the playback window
• Playback windows now resizable
• Added support for FlexWATCH FW-1130 and FW-1110, Sony CS50P and Vivotek FD6111V, FD6121 and FD7131

Build 8 - 06/02/2008

• Added option to send admin alert when video stream is disconnected

Build 7 - 23/01/2008

• Internal Build

Build 6 - 22/01/2008

• Disabled intelligent mask option for non-ICE feeds
• Added support for BluEyes BE-1202, BE-1203, BE-3201, D-Link DCS-5220 and Panasonic BB-HCM581 cameras
• HTTP status code fixes for certain failed requests

Build 5 - 06/12/2007

• Internal Build

Build 4 - 22/11/2007

• Added pause icon for stopped feeds in the feed list

Build 3 - 19/11/2007

• Internal Build

Build 2 - 19/11/2007

• Motion map thresholds now adjustable when Console is stopped
• Fixes for correctly handling no image data in the motion map

Build 1 - 13/11/2007

• First Console 3.2 build
• "Batch Feed" support added