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i-Catcher Console Change Log

For Version 3.1

This is the log of changes for the current version of i-Catcher Console. "Internal Build" refers to builds comprising a collection of changes, but where development was not to a point where an upload was considered necessary, or where more changes were required to produce a stable build. Internal builds also include OEM-specific changes. Builds may also include internal fixes/procedural changes that are not shown here.

Build 15 - 04/06/2007

• Updated the list of Axis cameras in the wizard
• Fixed single stepping in the playback in double speed mode
• Added an option to copy images when creating an AVI
• Set the default AVIGen folder to point to My Videos rather than the install directory
• Added the Evidence CD creator
• Prompted the user when enabling layout cycling when no layouts are enabled
• Added a log of all activities on startup
• Corrected the additions of back slashes onto paths in the wizard
• Added a web interface to the sensors
• Added sensors to the feed list and plan views
• Added support for AxxessID door controllers
• Updated the sensor system to use the new IO device modules
• Updated the link to download Java

Build 14 - 30/04/2007

• Internal build.

Build 13 - 30/04/2007

• Treated a blank feed ID in web playback as the first available feed
• Added a PTZ preset button on the main Console bar
• Added a PTZ preset option in the web live view
• Added Motion JPEG support for the Aviosys 9100 and added the Panasonic HCE481 with PTZ
• Added an option to filter the log for web view entries
• Fixed an occasional access violation when clearing the motion map
• Added a System optimiser wizard
• Updated the motion map window to allow resizing, wireframe and auto arrange
• Confirmed whether to use a non local IP for the web server
• Added layout cycling
• Stopped device reconnection when the feed is stopped

Build 12 - 11/04/2007

• Escaped apostrophes in feed names in the web playback
• Adjusted the colours used for highlighting in the log window to improve readability
• Handled the port being entered in the address field in the feed wizard
• Added the Sony SNC-RZ50 camera to the device wizard with PTZ support
• Allowed log entries to be copied to the clipboard
• Redesigned the wizards to follow the Wizard97 guidelines

Build 11 - 27/03/2007

• Validated the time values entered in the web playback
• Added a (read only) list of users to the feed HTTP access settings
• Changed the default update rate to 150ms
• Escaped apostrophes in feed names in feedlist.js
• Added support for up to 12 preset layouts
• Allowed exceptions in the IP blacklist
• Added a shortcut to the data directory in the installation directory
• Used the new style wizard image in the setup
• Added PTZ support for the D-Link 5300

Build 10 - 13/03/2007

• Moved the Gallery folder to the new location on startup

Build 9 - 03/03/2007

• Added the LinkSys WVC54GC, Gadspot NC1000 to the device wizard and updated D-Link DCS-5300
• Added the ability to start and stop console via the remote admin web interface

Build 8 - 06/03/2007

• Fixed the "low disk space" archive crashing when there is nothing to delete
• Sorted the feeds in the main windows feed list
• Confirmed whether to archive to the same drive as the history drive

Build 7 - 01/03/2007

• Set a default overlay on new feeds
• Redesigned the Sensor settings interface
• Added native Clickatell support to i-Catcher Alert
• Sorted images in loop play playback mode

Build 6 - 21/02/2007

• Fixed the logs available via Remote administration
• Triggered the audio alert when there is motion, regardless of whether it was saved or not
• Moved the settings, gallery and log folders into the common data folder
• Changed file browse dialogs to point to My Documents rather than the install directory

Build 5 - 14/02/2007

• Disabled automatic PTZ control within 15s of manual control
• Checked for syntactically valid IP address in the web server settings
• Disabled automatic device reconnection when the device settings dialog is open

Build 4 - 08/02/2007

• Remembered the video format for WDM devices

Build 3 - 06/02/2007

• Changed FTP alert files to an XML format
• Removed the padding and scroll bars from the simple.htm page
• Added an option to lock the Console on startup
• Disabled the PTZ controls and layout buttons when locking the console

Build 2 - 01/02/2007

• Fixed the PTZ preset cycling options not being remembered on a restart
• Removed the option in the wizard to share out the feeds directory

Build 1 - 11/01/2007

• Updated the version numbers and graphics to 3.1
• Stopped the playback control erroring when seeking to a frame when no images are loaded
• Added support for the Stardot JPEG stream protocol