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i-Catcher Console Change Log

For version 1.3

This is the log of changes for version 1.3 of i-Catcher Console. "Internal Build" refers to builds comprising a collection of changes, but where development was not to a point where an upload was considered necessary, or where more changes were required to produce a stable build. Internal builds also include OEM-specific changes. Builds may also include internal fixes/procedural changes that are not shown here.

Build 43 - 07/01/2004

• Internal Build.

Build 42 - 19/12/2003

• Fixed some bugs in the java applets handling feeds/URLs with spaces in the name.
• Revamped the HTTP server authentication to have authorisation levels.
• Made the header images publicly available through the HTTP server for the access denied page.

Build 41 - 12/12/2003

• Made a few changes to the welcome screen.
• Made it create an empty key file when in demo mode so the nodes start up.

Build 40 - 12/12/2003

• Removed the auto close timer from the welcome screen.
• Changed the default button in the help screen.
• Fixed a problem on the registration page when it already has a key.
• Fixed some resizing issues in the HTTP console in grouped mode.
• Fixed a new node not being recognised as a local feed after being added.
• Fixed a few HTML errors in the HTTP server.

Build 39 - 09/12/2003

• Fixed a problem with the node and long device IDs.
• Added code to handle long strings in the settings file.
• Increased the settings file version to stop it breaking older versions.

Build 38 - 05/12/2003

• Made final changes to the welcome screen.
• Added code and settings to control the ability to view a feed through the HTTP server.

Build 37 - 03/12/2003

• Rewrote the checkversion code to use the new startup process.
• Added a please wait screen while adding a node.
• Added code to wait for a node to connect after adding it.
• Decreased the check interval from 30 to 15 seconds.
• Added IP enumeration to the HTTP server settings.

Build 36 - 26/11/2003

• Realigned the uptime text in the status page.
• Seperated the feed and date columns on the statistics session info.
• Added code to default to a driver that hasn't been selected before in the feed wizard.
• Updated the ICImage class and specified height/width parameters.
• Made the page use the current image height and width when its loaded.

Build 35 - 14/11/2003

• Fixed a few problems with the Feed Wizard.
• Added a bypass wizard button to the Feed wizard.
• Added the port number to the end of the URL opened by the web view button.
• Added a "Refresh" button to the feed settings page to force a reload of the feed settings.
• Fixed a JavaScript error on the index page.
• Added redirects from the old pages to the new ones.
• Rearranged the playback module code so 404 errors are reported properly.
• Added image sizes to the playback img tags.
• Removed a dead image from the placeholder information page in web playback.
• Sorted the playback and live image feed lists.
• Added a quality parameter to the image.jpg from the http server.

Build 34 - 12/11/2003

• Re-added the HTTP refresh to the statistics page.
• Fixed a small JavaScript error in the live page.
• Made the playback page use the names from the history directory rather than the active feeds.
• Highlighted the days in the playback dropdown with recorded history.

Build 33 - 12/11/2003

• Fixed a problem when deleting feeds where it doesn't remove the communication files.
• Removed a duplicate button from the local feed box.
• Added code to log empty data connections.

Build 32 - 11/11/2003

• Integrated the new HTTP server code.
• Fixed some JavaScript errors in the playback when a non active feed is specified.
• Added a flag to the HTTP server so it doesn't disconnect before sending the data.

Build 31 - 07/11/2003

• Added very rudimentary OEM support (banner and more info link).

Build 30 - 06/11/2003

• Rearranged the entire HTTP interface and incorporated the new style pages.

Build 29 -  03/11/2003

• Added Web View and Logging buttons to the main form.
• Made the local feed wizard appear when no local feeds exist.
• Removed the Start and Stop options from the local feed form.
• Added support for the scale, width, and height parameters in image.jpg to get a scaled or fixed size image.
• Made the thumbnail images request a thumbnail instead of scaling the full size image.

Build 28 - 30/10/2003

• Added the local feed wizard.
• Added a feed wizard button to the Local feeds list.
• Fixed the tab order on the local feed settings box.

Build 27 - 22/10/2003

• Fixed the feed button not opening the settings form.

Build 26 - 22/10/2003

• Fixed a problem with duplicate HTTP header lines.
• Added a "bring to top" option to the feed menu.
• Added a Cancel option to the bottom of the feed menu to stop Delete being clicked accidentally.
• Merged the new feed/date/reload cgi "scripts" into load.cgi.
• Merged next/previous/first/last/zoom/setquality into image.cgi with an action parameter.
• Added a "Native" quality to the dropdown on the playback page.
• Added a date (and day, month, year) parameter to the playback page to preset it to a date.
• Made some cosmetic changes to the playback pages.
• Added a timescale graphic to the timeline.
• Fixed the icon appearing on the feed windows after hiding the title bar.
• Fixed the current playback session count.
• Added a link to the statistics page from the main HTTP page.

Build 25 - 11/10/2003

• Fixed the end of playback trying to load an invalid picture.

Build 24 - 10/10/2003

• Disabled the feed sharing code in Windows 9x.

Build 23 - 10/10/2003

• Internal Build.

Build 22 - 10/10/2003

• Hid non connected playback sessions from the statistics page.
• Added code to the wizard to create the feeds share.

Build 21 - 02/10/2003

• Fixed a bug in the HTTP server reusing connections.
• Added the new node icon to the Node executable.

Build 20 - 30/09/2003

• Made the archive remove an empty history directory.
• Fixed a bug in the management screen when a history directory is removed.
• Updated VidCap.OCX to fix a bug in GetFrame and the nodes.
• Rewrote the server statistics page and made it global.
• Moved the playback statistic variables.
• Updated the ICImage and ICWebcam classes.
• Added the feed selection back to the applet based live viewer.

Build 19 - 16/09/2003

• Fixed a problem with the "buy now" link not repositioning properly.
• Fixed an error when setting the text of the "more info" link.
• Rearranged the settings form tab order.
• Made all the hyperlinks get the focus and have focus rectangles.
• Fixed a crash when the web console path is invalid.
• Redesigned the archive page in the HTTP server.
• Saved the archive settings before running a manual archive.
• Revised the available tips and added one for the HTTP server.

Build 18 - 04/09/2003

• Rearranged the settings for archive to more accurately match what it does.
• Fixed the java classes having extra bytes on the end of the resource.

Build 17 - 03/09/2003

• Fixed problems with the ICImage class crashing on an invalid image.

Build 16 - 01/09/2003

• Fixed a bug with closing down the HTTP server on shutdown.
• Updated the ICImage class.

Build 15 - 01/09/2003

• Fixed a bug in the HTTP server being broken with a POST request.

Build 14 - 29/09/2003

• Fixed some issues with repeated requests from IE in the web playback.

Build 13 - 29/08/2003

• Changed the default pages to use the Java applets.
• Added code to count the sessions.
• Removed the code to unload the playback form when its idle.
• Added a header to the session idle time column.

Build 12 - 29/08/2003

• Added the default timeline image.
• Made the zoom and info links open in new windows.
• Changed the default image to empty while it loads.
• Fixed the ICImage class path.

Build 11 - 28/08/2003

• Fixed a bug with the timeline image map code.
• Made the folder selection box modal.
• Fixed the web playback skipping an image when at the ends of the list.
• Fixed numerous bugs in the playback control and filmstrip code.
• Stopped the web playback form showing.
• Made the speed playback property persist.

Build 10 - 26/08/2003

• Made the web playback load the status images from the resource files.
• Moved the HTML files into the resource file.
• Added the header to the Java applet playback.

Build 9 - 26/08/2003

• Changed the playback expiry to 5 minutes.
• Fixed the new date "please wait" image.

Build 8 - 22/08/2003

• Added support for a feed parameter to the main playback page.
• Added links from the main web console to the playback.
• Made the playback form unload itself when its idle.

Build 7 - 22/08/2003

• Integrated the Playback control.
• Fixed the playback form have an hourglass cursor.
• Removed the EnableValidation option.
• Made the playback control shrink when in loop play mode.
• Revised some of the colours on the playback control.
• Added the file size to the digital signature.
• Added the web playback code.

Build 6 - 23/07/2003

• Fixed a bug with the HTTP server crashing with an invalid Bind to address.
• Fixed the playback crashing when displaying info when no feed is visible.
• Made it copy the file path to the clipboard as well as the image.

Build 5 - 22/07/2003

• Revised the checks for valid feed names.
• Made it handle feed names containing a dot (.).

Build 4 - 17/07/2003

• Fixed a bug with the Alert Manager auto start message box.
• Added a few extra entries to the HTTP server index page status bar.
• Redesigned the layout on the feed view pages.
• Added a motion.jpg which will show the last motion for a feed.

Build 3 - 17/07/2003

• Fixed a bug in the i-Catcher Alert startup code.

Build 2 - 16/07/2003

• Added links on the feed pages to the java applet page.
• Added test to the "save webcam image" option in the Page alerts.
• Added code behind the "FTP/Web Save Webcam image" option.
• Changed the default Alert manager path to Console Path + "alert.exe".
• Made it pass the /c option to Alert manager when starting it up.

Build 1 - 11/07/2003

• Removed the gap from top of the HTML pages.
• Changed the HTML page font to Arial.
• Added the java applet to the HTTP server.
• Changed the graphics to show 1.3.
• Changed the version number to 1.3.1.