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Learn how to set up and use iCatcher's features to their full potential.

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History management

It is possible to manually manage the footage that has been recorded so far by iCatcher Console, as well as see which cameras are taking up disk space. The management console can be accessed by clicking on the Management button on the menu Console menu bar.

In order to show these details, Console needs to scan the hard drive and build up information, which can take some time and place extra load on the system. You will be asked to confirm if you wish to show the management screen if Console is not stopped at the time.

The management window shows each feed on a separate line, with the total number of frames recorded, the total size of the footage, the time and date of the first and last recorded frames, and the time the feed last sent information to iCatcher Console.

You can refresh this information at any time by clicking the Refresh button. The footage for any given feed can be deleted in its entirety by clicking on the Delete History button, and selecting 'Selected Feed'. Alternatively, all footage can be deleted by selecting 'All Feeds'.

A feed can be removed from the system by clicking on the Delete Feed button, and will have the same effect as being deleted from the feed management.

It is also possible to export the data available in the management view to a CSV file. This file can be imported into any application that supports the Comma Separated Values (CSV) format for data, e.g. Microsoft Excel. Select the Export button and enter a filename to do so.