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i-Catcher Help

Learn how to set up and use i-Catcher's features to their full potential.

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HTTP server

i-Catcher includes an embedded HTTP server that will allow you to access the images and video stream directly from i-Catcher. You can access the HTTP Server settings via the main settings dialog box.

HTTP Server

There are two main options for the HTTP server. The IP address should be left at the default of unless you want to make it only available on a single network interface. If so, select the IP address or select it from the list. The port is the TCP port it will listen on, and it defaults to port 80 (Standard HTTP).


If you want to add a password to the HTTP server in i-Catcher, make sure "Require a password to view the server" is ticked. You can then set the username and password as required.

N.B. i-Catcher uses Basic HTTP authentication so any passwords are sent over the internet un-encrypted.

Customising the web view

Colours & Style

Change web view style allows you to customise the web view.

Use the default i-Catcher Console colours reverts to the default colour scheme.

Use custom colours allow you to specify your own background, text and link colours.

Use a custom CSS style sheet allows you to specify a CSS style sheet to use. Details on CSS style sheets is beyond the scope of the help file.


Here, you can select to use alternative left and right hand graphics. Simply click Use an alternative left graphics or Use an alternative right graphic and choose the location of the file.

Typical Application

A typical application for i-Catcher's embedded web server is for use as a broadband webcamera where the image is streamed directly from i-Catcher.