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FTP alerts

This page allows you to configure FTP alerts. After configuring the standard settings like FTP server, username and password details, you can configure the directories and page settings.

The directory is the path from the default directory to where you want to put the images. If you prefix it with a / it will be an absolute path (relative to the root of the FTP directories). The template option allows you to select a template used for the index.html file when in timelapse and motion detection mode. In webcam mode, it is a filename that the image will be saved as.

If you are behind a proxy or firewall, you can set the proxy it uses to connect to the server and whether or not it uses passive mode.

You can also set the time between uploads (time-lapse and webcam mode), or the amount of motions needed to trigger an upload (motion detection mode.)

If you are in webcam mode, and have a temperamental or slow connection to the FTP server, you can enable the temporary file option to keep the original intact until the upload is successful.