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Learn how to set up and use i-Catcher's features to their full potential.

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Email alerts

In this section you enter the details for the email alerting. This includes all the standard email information such as subject, message, and recipient addresses. Multiple recipients can be specified by separating the different entries with a semi colon or comma.

The message and subject can contain Macros which include dynamic information such as the name. Please see the Macros help for more information.

You will also need to tell i-Catcher how to send the mail. If you have a fully configured version of Outlook (not Outlook Express) you can opt to have Outlook do all the mail sending for you, otherwise you need to specify a valid SMTP mail server and sender address. If your mail server needs authentication, click "Log in to the SMTP server" and enter your login details.

Please note that due to new security measures in Outlook 2000 and above, it will display a message asking for authorisation before sending each email alert. For more information, read MS Knowledge base articles Q262631 and Q290500.

Email alerts have a Trigger on X events in Y settings, which allows you to set the number of successive movements, in a given time interval, required to trigger an email.